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The South Sydney Rabbitohs owner has fallen foul of the media due to some of his shenanigans over the years. There are plenty of Rusty 'feel good' stories out there. But like all people Maximus has his dark side. Here you'll find some of the less palatable aspects of Russell's character

Rusty's rap sheet :

7 June 2006: SMH - I was Russell Crowe's stooge: Jack Marx

19 November 2005: New York Daily News - Russell awarded a stay-out-of-jail plea (Russell's deal done to save himself from refusal of entry to the US)

October 2005: The Monthly - Russell Crowe and the art of violence (An appraisal of several of Russell's acting roles in juxtaposition with his real-life persona)

27 August 2005: Irish Examiner - Crowe pays US$130,000 in phone-throwing case (Russell's out of court settlement with his victim in the infamous phone-throwing incident)

21 August 2005: Sunday Telegraph - Rabbitohs have real need to Crowe (Paul Kent sizes up Russell Crowe and ensures that he won't get an invite to the junkets)

11 June 2005: UK The Independent - Russell Crowe: Hollywood's own tempest ("Nice bloke, shame about the temper")

8 June 2005: AAP - Student claims racist abuse (A drunken Russell Crowe hurls racist abuse at a Thai student at Harry's Cafe de Wheels)

6 June 2005: CBS - 'Cinderella Man' Allegedly KOs N.Y. Hotel Concierge With Phone (An enraged Russell Crowe attacks a hotel worker with a phone)

27 November 2003: Illawarra Mercury - Paper ignores Russ' pleas to take it all off (Russell tries to squash the publishing of photos of him in a German strip club)

9 June 2003: Sydney Morning Herald - Something to Crowe about (Russell promises to make Paul Langmack famous)

17 November 2002: Sun Herald - Crowe's racist insult led to punch-up (Russell gets into a fight with Auckland Warriors owner Eric Watson, in a London Japanese restaurant)

17 November 2002: The Age - Crowe picks up the boor men's baton ("He ate and drank. And drank. Until he and his friends began tossing the cutlery and plates around")

16 November 2002: Aotearoa Independent Media Centre - Racist insult blamed for brawl between Crowe and Watson (Rusty cops a pummelling but then gets his minder to hold Watson to get a few in himself)

14 November 2002: UK The Sun - Actor Crowe battered in loo punch-up ("He got more and more boisterous and at one point started having a game with his minder. He was throwing plates and the minder was trying to catch them")

19 and 21 September 2002: Newcastle Herald - A GIRL has reportedly rescued Russell Crowe from a bar room brawl (Russell saved by female personal trainer)

18 July 2002: Sydney Morning Herald - Look who's toking: Russ's habit has station fighting censure (Russell's on air puffing durries gets Channel Nine in trouble)

22 June 2002: Sydney Morning Herald - The plot's bad, and as for the dialogue… ("He was just fighting spastics...")

21 June 2002: Sydney Morning Herald - Crowe's title fight: jury gets ringside seats ("This Crowe is a c---, he's got to go...")

20 June 2002: Sydney Morning Herald - Tape 'offered' to Crowe - Court told ("Pay up, or else...")

16 June 2002: UK Sunday Times - Russell Crowe: A star is brawn ("Who is Russell Crowe? A boorish, beer-swilling redneck, or a complex, sensitive artiste?")

23 April 2002: Newcastle Herald - Crowe cut by family member (Russell's BAFTA outburst has a bizarre twist)

4 March 2002: BBC - Crowe sorry over Bafta outburst (Russell apologises and changes his story)

28 February 2002: BBC - Crowe defends Bafta outburst ("I have no regrets about what I said to him.")

26 February 2002: The Guardian - Crowe gets heavy after Bafta speech cut short (Russell uses his minders, threats and foul language to attack a BBC TV executive)

13 January 2000: Sydney Morning Herald - Court told of Crowe blackmail plot ("he'll be wanting to pay 40 grand for a tape of him biting someone's face and fuckin' punching a sheila")

13 January 2000: Daily Telegraph - Bid to Extort $200,000 from Crowe (Russell's nightclub rampage in Coffs Harbour brings some consequences)

5 December 1999: Sunday Telegraph - Crowe "Beserk" (Crowe terrorises elderly couple in Outback Queensland)

25 November 1999: Daily Telegraph - Russell's Brawl Caught on Tape (Start three fights; Argues with a woman; Throws a punch at his brother)

25 November 1999: South China Morning Post - Crowe Big Hit in Club (Hong Kong press reports Russell brawling at a nightclub in Coffs Harbour)

24 November 1999: Daily Telegraph - Crowe's Saloon Bar Brawl ("HOLLYWOOD star Russell Crowe was knocked to the ground and had to be physically restrained after a nightclub fight")

27 May 1995: Sun Herald - What's eating Crowe? (Russell crashes Gary Sweet and Johanna Grigg's wedding)

12 July 1993: Sydney Morning Herald - The Anti-Hero ("Along the way he's also gathered the more unsavoury epithets as well - difficult, rude, a bad boy with attitude.")

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