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A lot of things have gone on behind the scenes at Souths over the years. Here you will find the secret files and documents that many officials, past and present, at Souths would rather never saw the light of day. Secret letters, transcripts of sound files, the emails that brought the demise of Peter Holmes a Court... they’re all here.

These documents and files are provided for the information of all. Many of these documents and files are extremely damning, yet this is an open internet resource. Anyone who disputes the veracity of anything provided here is most welcome to litigate. (We’re still waiting Peter....)

***Note - ’PHaC’ = Peter Holmes a Court***

Latest additions :

SSDRLFC 20ll Annual Report (full version submitted to ASIC)  (The officials of the Football Club dishonestly hid many of the real issues in this report by only releasing a 'feel good' version to Members and the media.

SSDRLFC 2008 Annual Report (full version submitted to ASIC)  (Again the officials of the Football Club dishonestly hid many of the real issues in this report by only releasing a 'feel good' version to Members and the media. This one reveals that Peter Holmes a Court created much of our current massive debt during just 18 months during his tenure as Executive Chairman and then CEO. He was lining his pockets at the same time by surrrounding Souths with his own companies.

Souths Leagues Club fiasco :

SOUTH SYDNEY LEAGUES CLUB FUNDRAISER PROGRAM(The sting behind the EMerchant rigged SSLC membership card deception)

Memorandum and Articles of Association of South Sydney Leagues Club Ltd

6 October 2005: Albert Bertini letter to Jim Hatfield (The ’grubby developer’)

PHaC letter to SSLC Members (The offer of promised changes to the SSLC)

SSLC ’How to vote’ Pamphlet (Personally handed out by current SSLC Directors to Members voting on the sale)

20 December 2006: PKF Letter to PHaC (John Lord takes no responsibility for a Stamp Duty issue with SSLC Purchase)

29 January 2007: Varied Deed of Company Agreement (PHaC’s guarantee to underwrite SSLC losses)

SSFC Membership Letter to Members & SSLC Application Form (The SSLC Free Membership via SSFC Membership)

22 February 2007: Gells Lawyers advice to the SSLC Board

April 2007: The South Sydney Leagues Club fitout goes under the hammer at Steers Auctions (Lists all items up for sale)

9 September 2008: Council of City of Sydney advice on SSLC DA

1 June 2009: Web screenshot of the South Sydney Leagues Club website page containing Martin Dubler’s false claims about sponsorship of the SSFC "Roscat has also been a financial sponsor of Souths since their return to the NRL"

NSW Registered Clubs Act 1976 - Section 30 (Rules Governing Registered Clubs in NSW)

ISFM Website Screenshot pertaining to SSLC Development

Nick Pappas Emails :

4 August 2003: Botak - Nick Pappas email exchange

9 November 2004: Botak - Nick Pappas email

Peter Holmes a Court Emails :

5 November 2005: PHaC - Botak email exchange

16 November 2005: Botak - PHaC email exchange

17 November 2005: PHaC - Botak email exchange

18 November 2005: PHaC - Botak email exchange

21 November 2005: PHaC - Botak email exchange

23 November 2005: Wade Singleton - PHaC email exchange

23 November 2005: Wade Singleton - Andrew Webster email exchange

23 November 2005: PHaC email to David Magill, Botak, Wade Singleton (PHaC’s ’vision’)

29 November 2005: Wade Singleton - PHaC email exchange

30 November 2005: Botak - Wade Singleton, PHaC email exchange

30 November 2005: Wade Singleton - PHaC email exchange

30 November 2005: PHaC - Botak - Wade email exchange

5 December 2005: PHaC - Wade Singleton email exchange

19/20 December 2005: Email conversation between The Botak, PHaC and Wade Singleton

22 December 2005: Botak - PHaC email exchange

9 January 2006: Wade Singleton - PHaC email exchange (The Alec Forrest revelation and other discussions)

17 February 2006: Botak - PHaC email exchange

21 February 2006: PHaC email to Wade Singleton & The Botak ("Max from the Central Coast")

21 February 2006: PHaC email to Wade Singleton & The Botak ("the day the cops got in involved")

17 March 2006: PHaC email to Wade Singleton and The Botak

17 March 2006: PHaC, Andrew Webster, Wade Singleton & Tony Borg on ’funny’ phone calls

23 July 2006: PHaC & The Botak on recruitment

28 July 2006 PHaC: Wade Singleton email exchange re Paul Miles complaint to SSFC

04 April 2007: PHaC - Botak email exchange(Initiated after PHaC had urgently called Wade Singleton trying to ’help’ John Barrass a.ka. Bunnyman)

04 April 2007: The last conference call with The Hutch

23 April 2007: Wade Singleton email reply to PHaC

Files & Documents :

1998 SSDRLFC Board letter to Eastern Suburbs (Provided to The Hutch by Nik Hatzistergos)

1998 SSDRLFC Board letter to St George (Provided to The Hutch by Nik Hatzistergos)

1998 SSDRLFC Board letter to Balmain (Provided to The Hutch by Nik Hatzistergos)

2000 Marketing Report tabled to SSDRLFC Board

2001 George Piggins letter to SSLC Board

2002 Albanese, Grusovin, Sullivan resignation letter to George Piggins (password is ’proof’)

April 2003: George Piggins proxy letter and proxy form sent to SSDRLFC Members

The Rogue State of George Piggins (Inside Sport August 2003)

2003 Nolene Piggins letter to Inside Sport owner

25 June 2003: Jim Hatfield Fax to Nicholas Pappas ("I don’t delude myself that I contributed any think to our win")

October 2003 David Tapp letter to NRL attempting to shut down The Hutch(Tapp lied about this to RLW and The Telegraph)

2004 SSLC Company Search (Names and contact details of the 9 Directors who sold the Leagues Club carpark in contravention of the Constitution)

22 March 2004: Brad Ryder letter of resignation to Nicholas Pappas and SSDRLFC Board

6 December 2004 Wade Singleton Notice to Appear

24 January 2005: Transcript of the secret SSDRLFC ’Star Chamber’ meeting (Nick Pappas’ promised ’confidential’ meeting which resulted in Wade Singleton being banned as an SSDRLFC Member) Thanks Rudy!

20 February 2005: Shane Richardson official letter to Wade Singleton - suspension of Membership of SSDRLFC ("You’ll probably just receive a stern letter"---Nick Pappas to Wade Singleton, Star Chamber meeting, 24 January 2005)

1 March 2005: Wade Singleton response letter to Shane Richardson (Richardson did not even have the courtesy to reply)

July 2005 Wade Singleton letter to David Gallop

2005 SSDRLFC Annual Financial Report (Hidden from Members by the SSDRLFC Board)

2005 PHaC letter to George Piggins and Nicholas Pappas

2005 PHaC letter to George Piggins

2005 PHaC letter to Nicholas Pappas

9 November 2005: Wade Singleton email to Andrew Denton ("Well said"..."Even after they banned me from the Football Club")

2006 Charity Shield News

26 February 2006: ABC Sunday Profile interview with PHaC (Transcript)

2 March 2006 Tim Allerton masquerading as a lawyer on PHaC’s behalf

19 March 2006: Transcript of Peter Holmes a Court’s opening address to the Privatisation EGM "Now is the time to act to give Shane Richardson the resources to recruit the best, and to enable him to hold on to our future stars"

8 May 2006: Rabbitohs Licence Agreement For Erskineville Oval

2006 Media Monitors transcript of Alan Jones interview with John Singleton (Provided to The Hutch by PHaC)

2006 Member Co Annual Financial Report (Full Version)

Clovergate? Or PhaCgate?

2006 SSLC AGM extension application submitted to ASIC (hilarious!)

25 July 2006: Paul Miles complaint sent to SSFC (Provided to The Hutch by PHaC)

October 2006 Leonie Gibbons response to Paul Miles letter of complaint

October 2007: Passionate Recruiting’s advertisement of the Rabbitohs CEO position (Shane Richardson had ’resigned’ to take up the sought after position of CEO of The Passionate Group)

October 2006 Paul Miles follow-up letter of complaint to Souths Membership Manager

December 2007 Nick Pappas, on behalf of Member Co, letter to Paul Miles (breaches Pappas’ own promised confidentiality of ’Star Chamber’ meeting)

SSLC letter of complaint to NSW Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing

2007 NSW Office of Gaming, Liquor and Racing investigation finding

Member Company Constitution

265 Chalmers St NSW Dept of Lands Titles

Leagues Club ownership (Title searches and ASIC company searches)

2007 SSLC Annual Report

10 September 2007: SSFC Licence Agreement For Redfern Oval

4 October 2007: Wade Singleton’s Hutch ’Sign Off’ post (RW’s brush off of the remaining Hutch Administrators and posted in ’The Vault’ for Administrator and Moderator eyes only. Wade had removed The Botak’s access to Rabbitohs.com by this stage)

1 July 2007: Partnership Heads of Agreement between the SSDRLFC and Leeds Rhinos(The partnership that never made it past early 2008. This document is the formalised agreement of that partnership. It also contains the Football club structure under Peter Holmes a Court)

2 November 2007: Real Estate 101(SSDRLFC memo to the ’Full Time Squad’ - Souths top 36 players - to attend a real estate seminar hosted by Anthony Bell and John McGrath

31 January 2008: Official Launch of the 2008 Charity Shield (The No-Way Campaign and Souths Cares)

March 2008: PHaC Centennial Park home for sale in The Australian

28 August 2008: Jason Taylor’s letter in response to the provision of documents by a Member, regarding certain activities of Peter Holmes a Court, Shane Richardson, Nick Pappas and Russell Crowe. "l’ve read through everything you sent me and based on that I can understand why you feel the way you do"

15 October 2009: SSFC submission to the Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy "If it (the television grants for rugby league) were to remain flat or decrease as a result of the next round of media rights negotiation, the results will be catastrophic, and will ultimately place in jeopardy the going concern of the Rabbitohs. Such a precarious financial position puts at risk a community icon that has been part of the fabric of South Sydney and rugby league for 102 years."

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