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The South Sydney Rabbitohs are over 100 years old and throughout all of its history this Australian Rugby League Club has generated intense media interest. Many articles are not available on the web, many disappear from it. Many of the media articles found on this page are those which some at Souths would like to see disappear.

Here you will find those rare and obscure articles. Good luck with your Rabbitohs research.

Latest additions :

22 August 2009: Sydney Morning Herald - Sheriff could seize Holmes a Court's assets (PHaC becomes a 'Judgement Debtor')

26 May 2009: Daily Telegraph - Rogue Rabbitoh fingered in Souths bogus merchandise rort (Wade Singleton's dvd piracy exposed)

4 April 2009: The Australian - Peter Holmes a Court faked death threats (PHaC admits to the NSW Supreme Court that he faked death threats in the media)

3 April 2009: The Australian - Russell Crowe hired Bill Clinton's PI to stalk takeover foes (PHaC gives up his partner in court)

1 June 2008: The Sun Herald - Hey chief, is this a case of double standards (Shane Richardson's anger rampage in Gosford)

3 April 2008: Souths - On a Wing and a Prayer a Huge Success (Craig Wing was a hero and Souths pin-up then)

11 December 2007: Australian Financial Review - Firm keeps footy fans informed (Another of PHaC's companies begins to surround Souths)

20 June 2007: Daily Telegraph - Galuvao told: Quit for God (Russell Crowe tries to free up money to buy Craig Wing)

1 May 2005: Sydney Morning Herald - Souths hit the market with $2 million shopping list (Shane Richardson claiming Souths on a 'spending spree' to recruit players)

26 December 2004: Sydney Morning Herald - Rabbitohs signal big name shopping spree (Shane Richardson unveils his 'ploy' )

Recently added :

May 2008: A montage of Daily Telegraph articles on the 'PHaC Crisis'

8 February 2008: SSFC Press Release - Rabbitohs make ANZ Stadium home for 10 years (The move out of the district for a generation of Rabbitohs)

3 July 2007: SSFC Press Release - South Sydney and Leeds form global partnership (Global partnership???)

19 March 2006: Sunday Telegraph - No vote just means it's yes to Gosford: Crowe (Gosford was a 'no no' then)

19 March 2006: Sunday Telegraph - Richo's down to his final pay (If only...)

16 March 2006: Daily Telegraph - Vote deadly serious (The 'dead' voters)

15 March 2006: The Australian - Souths broke minus rich Juniors: Richardson ("I'm not sure we can pay our wages")

14 February 2006: AAP - Morris is Piggins' ventriloquist's dummy: Pappas

13 February 2006: The Australian - Crowe & Co 'rescued' Rabbitohs (Claims of $500k put into Rabbitohs)

12 February 2006: The Australian- Richardson backs Rabbitohs takeover ("There is no real estate involved in this deal")

10 February 2006: AAP - Holmes a Court to address Souths fans

16 December 2005: AAP - Pappas hits back at Piggins

16 December 2005 : Crikey - The Rabbitohs brawl - There'll be no winner ("It would be a sad day for the game... ")

8 November 2005: AAP - Richardson doubts Juniors will take over football club

05 November 2005: AAP - Holmes a Court still interested in buying out Souths

22 September 2005: AAP - Rugby League a good investment: Delmege

21 September 2005: AAP - Crowe rules out bid for South Sydney

17 September 2005: AAP - Crowe makes bid to buy Souths (Nick Pappas gushing)

17 January 2004: SMH - Burnt by the steak (Peter Holmes a Court's quick resignation from AACo)

2003 : Inside Sport - A few drinks with Andrew Denton (Andrew Webster interviews Denton about Souths)

1 June 2003: AAP - Rabbitohs back in crisis

9 April 2003: AAP - I won't be pulling the strings: Piggins

8 April 2003: AAP - The hard work has only just begun for Pappas

7 April 2003: AAP - Piggins rejects olive branch held out by Pappas

6 April 2003: AAP - Manifesto of the Pappas team (The KPR's Nicholas Pappas has never met)

6 April 2003: AAP - Pappas hoping for compromise but Piggins gives no ground

30 July 2000 : ABC Radio National - Souths vs The NRL (Transcript)

Archive :

21 October 2008: The Times - Drunken Hell-Raising for the Super-Rich

11 October 2008: SMH - A Hard Pill To Swallow (PHaC's deep involvment in Firepower exposed)

18 September 2008: SSLC - Tribal Loyalties and Media Interests (Pappas pulling his pud)

28 May 2008: SMH - Souths Drop $300,000 Ahead of No-Pokies Poll

18 May 2008: Sunday Telegraph- PHaC to Quit Souths (PHaC tries to back out)

14 March 2008: Souths - New Viostream TV Portal Launched (The tangled web)

10 January 2008 : Crikey - Rabbitohs chasing a non-existent football market ("Rabbitohs...join a conga line of Australian sporting teams... ")

December 2007: Wealth Creator Magazine- Holding Court (PHaC talking about his "good values")

December 2007: Jacksonville.com - PHaC Interview

20 December 2007: Souths - Club News; Leagues Club Says No To Pokies

20 December 2007: SMH - Pokies Dumped By Souths Leagues Club

04 December 2007: SMH - Hooker Home Sets Pace With $22 million Deal (Albert Bertini splashes some profits around)

03 November 2007: Daily Telegraph - PHaC Launches Sports Conglomerate (The Passionate Group)

31 October 2007: Souths - Shane Richardson Joins The Passionate Group (Richo doing PHaC's bidding)

31 October 2007: AAP - Richardson Quits As South Sydney CEO

24 October 2007: AAP - We Need A Different Kind of Firepower Admits PHaC

24 October 2007: AAP - Rabbitohs In Hunt For Major Sponsor

20 September 2007: SMH - PHaC; Poker Machines, A Curse We Can Do Without

14 September 2007: Minister for Employment & Workplace Relations Media Release on Souths Cares

18 May 2007: Souths - Sponsorship Announcement Official Press Release

7 April 2007: Souths - PHaC Open Letter To John Sattler

8 April 2007: Sunday Telegraph - Come Home Satts

02 March 2007: SMH - NRL Warns Souths on Tuquiri (The '$35 million' Trivest Deal)

01 March 2007: AAP - Paupers Now NRL Princes

23 February 2007: SMH - Where There's Smoke, It's A Job For Firepower

08 January 2007: AAP - McRae Walks Away From Bunnies

25 November 2006: SMH - Seven Souths Bids Go To Vote (The promises made about the Leagues Club)

22 June 2006: Souths - Rabbitohs Welcome Business Challenge To Leagues Club Board

28 May 2006: The Australian - PHaC and Russell Crowe Eye Property Profit (The tangled web)

16 March 2005: AAP - Rabbitohs Secure New Home Ground

27 February 2005: Sun Herald - Rabbitohs In Shock Move To Homebush

05 July 2004: AAP - Richardson Gets His Man (2nd Version)

05 July 2004: AAP - South Sydney Ready For Innovation

05 July 2004: AAP - Richardson Gets His Man (1st Version)

02 July 2004: AAP - Hegarty Signs With Souths (Another "quality human being")

13 June 2004: AAP - Planning Is Underway for Richo

02 June 2004: AAP - Revolution Continues At Redfern With Richardson Appointment

07 April 2004: RLW - Nick Pappas; "I'll Nick Off"

19 October 2002: The Age - Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

February 2002: Tugger's Charity Shield Preview

14 July 2001: ABC - Landline interview with PHaC "A head for business" (PHaC cashes in his Heytesbury inheritance)

6 April 2001: Newsweek - "Here's The Beef" (PHaC publicity on AACo)

AAP Articles 2000 - 2004: PHaC and the Australian Agricultural Company (includes Directors' shareholding documents)


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